Making not just the market but the future

We are market makers.

At Nine Mile we are market makers, traders and technology builders.

As a market maker we love trading. Connected to Global markets, we are passionate not only about providing liquidity, but continuously solving the complex problems required for successful trading.

Nine Mile is on a mission to be a leading global market maker, delivering a technology platform & culture that not only attracts, empowers, and challenges our people, but also delivering exceptional outcomes for our valued partners.

We are working with passion and pace to make not just the market, but the future.

Our Business

We are a team of like-minded individuals who are passionate about market making, trading, building cutting-edge technology and developing long term partnerships.

At Nine Mile, we are building our business carefully and for the long term.

Our core areas of expertise:


As a market maker we love trading. Connected to Global markets, we are passionate not only about providing liquidity, but continuously solving the complex problems required for successful trading.


We are a trading business with technology at our core. Critical to the success of Nine Mile, is our investment in innovative technology – connecting us to global markets with the ability to scale and predictably process vast numbers of events per second.

Risk Management

We have an unwavering focus on understanding, assessing and monitoring the risk associated with our work. Risk is at the forefront of every decision we make.

Business Operations

Our business operations are dynamic, innovative and tech driven, allowing us to operate at scale. Whether in operations, people and culture, business development or finance we obsess about our people and the operational robustness that allows us to scale.

Creating a

Transparent partners

For us, relationships come first. We’re deeply invested in our clients’ ambitions and committed to working alongside them to help them achieve their goals. We’re in it for the long haul, providing transparent service, education and endless support to get them where they need to go.

Our people

People power Nine Mile, its strategy and technology. Our smart people relentlessly solve problems, have a bias to action and are aligned with a growth mindset.

Innovative technology

Technology is at the core of our business.  At Nine Mile we continually challenge our assumptions and strive for ways to improve our platform. Performance at scale drives constant innovation, we are serious about latency, throughput, and accuracy. Nothing is legacy, everything is for the future.

Giving our people freedom to run

We place enormous trust and confidence in our people, enabling them the freedom to invent, solve problems and chase opportunities. We operate free from silos, collaborating as a single nimble unit, all pushing in the same direction to achieve our shared goals.


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